Pertandingan DIYMADESIMPLE 2023

Assalamualaikum to MTNP-ians!

Aspired in serving our nation as well as impacting the future of 2023, our bright and benevolent students have participated in a competition organised by Mr. DIY with the theme; DIY Made Simple 2023: Repurposing Waste, Countering Cost of Living.

A total of 15 highly competent students in 3 groups of 5 are chosen to represent MTNP for this competition. These groups of students comprise mainly Form 4 and Form 5 students.

The groups are:

MTNP 1: One Thousand One (OTO)


MTNP 3: Neko No Kyuden

So, let’s show our support utmost solidarity to our dearest students by clicking on the *LIKE* button on these 3 videos! Be sure to click the share button and spread these YouTube links to every nook and cranny you might possibly know!

Thank you and have a nice holiday everyone!

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