Teachers and Students Engagement Session

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We’re excited to share the engaging and informative session with Professor Mohamad Abdalla AM, Director of Islamic Thought and Education of University of South Australia (UniSA) ! Learn how teachers and students can get the most out of their educational journey with his invaluable insights.⁣⁣

During the engagement session, Professor Mohamad Abdalla AM and the High Commission Delegates provided a comprehensive overview of Islamic thought and education, focusing on its practical application in Australia. We had discussed the importance of education and how it can be used to shape the future of society, and how Islamic thought is an important part of that. They also discussed the challenges and opportunities facing Islamic education in Australia today, and how it can be used to build bridges between different faiths. The session concluded with a Q&A session where students asked questions about the history and relevance of Islamic thought and education in Australia.

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Professor Mohamad Abdalla AM biodata

Professor Abdalla worked in the field of Islamic Studies for over 25 years and played a leading role in establishing Islamic Studies across few Australian universities. In 2020, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM), the highest recognition for outstanding achievement and service, for his significant service to education in the field of Islamic studies. He established and led the Griffith University Islamic Research Unit (GIRU), at Griffith University in Brisbane (2006-2008); the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies (NCEIS), a dynamic collaboration between the University of Melbourne, Griffith University and the University of Western Sydney (2008-2016), and currently is the Founding Director the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE). Professor Abdalla has attracted more than $15 Million in national and international funding.

He attained numerous civic awards including Community Leadership Award; Islamic Council of Queensland Community Service Award; Crescents of Brisbane Special Achievement Award; Australian Muslim Man of the year; Ambassador for Peace Award; and Pride of Australia Medal (Finalist). His authored and co-authored books include Curriculum renewal for Islamic education: Critical perspectives on teaching Islam in primary and secondary schools (Routledge); Islamic schooling in the West: Pathways to Renewal (Palgrave MacMillan), Leadership in Islam: Processes and Solutions in Australian Organizations (Palgrave MacMillan), Islam and the Australian News Media (Melbourne University Press); and Islamic Science: The Myth of the Decline Theory (VDM Verlag).

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